Today is Small Business Saturday.  We have great specials for you today.  Come in and browse.  We are sure that there are Specials that will speak to you. 

10% Off           Cash and Carry on Green and Blooming Plants

20% Off          Cash and Carry Artificial Christmas Arrangements

50% Off           Cash and Carry Fall  and Thankgiving

40% Off           Cash and Carry All Fresh Fall  (20% Off Delivered)


Weddings Flowers 2012 – Part II added.  Check them out. 

We are here to make your dreams into a reality.

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Maybe you were not able to get out to go to the Wedding Show 2012. 

We have it here for you.  ENJOY!

 Be sure to come by and see our beautiful flowers.  Take some home to brighten your day!

Today we have updated Wedding Flowers 2012 – Part II. 

Click on the tab and take a look.  They are beautiful!

We hope everyone is enjoying the rain that we have gotten lately.  We are moving into fall faster than I would like, but the rain has helped the flowers come back to life.   Flowers are always a good way to brighten your home or make a friend smile.   Enjoy your day! 

Wedding Flowers

Today we have updated Wedding Flowers 2012 – Part II. 

Take a look.  They are beautiful!

Sunshine, Flowers and Beautiful Weddings

July Weddings

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